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As we begin the, 2010, 5 Star UV Lamp Technology Limited. Continues to expand and develop new technologies, selling worldwide more than 1,000 Lamp models for all types of uses, our top level processing systems, and our best services to you. We offer genuine replacement USHIO/PRIMARC/ UV lamps, bulbs, quartz sleeves, accessories and parts, UV Curing equipment, standard mercury lamp, additive lamp UV ballast, reflector, cold mirror ,hot mirror, chokes use of highest quality of materials available used. Please contact us for help in designing the UV lamp & UV ballast benefit from our experience. We’ll be glad to work with you to develop your machine.
5 Star UV Lamp Technology Limited is committed to provide high quality affordable lamps and components to the Print Industry. Service reliability in supporting customers is a key feature of our business. To this end we are available 6 days a week, around the clock for inquiries or breakdowns. We also hold backup stock for our regular customers in order to meet any unforeseen emergencies they may have.
Over the past few years 5 Star UV Lamp Technology Limited has also supplied lamps and equipment for a variety of industries, including Packaging, Printed Circuit Board, Cinema, Manufacturing, Water and Air Purification, Adhesives and the Surface Coating Industry.
Our low operational overheads and small profit margins ensure that our customers are offered the best prices available. We are able to supply replacement lamps and components of any quantity required and can have any lamp built to your own individual specifications. Normal manufacturers' warranties apply on all products sold to ensure customer satisfaction. We supply and have satisfied repeat customers throughout Asia/ Africa/ South America and have supplied products to Europe.